Dr. Lon Peckham Spokane - Coeur d'Alene Dentures and Implants
Dr. Lon Peckham Spokane - Coeur d'Alene Dentures and Implants

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Dr. Lon Peckham Spokane - Coeur d'Alene Dentures and Implants
Dr. Lon Peckham Spokane - Coeur d'Alene Dentures and Implants
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Dr. Lon Peckham Spokane - Coeur d'Alene Dentures and Implants

Master Dentist and Innovator

Among the first things you will notice when you meet Dr. Peckham are his boots and jeans, which are your first clue as to his relaxed and laid back attitude. Never in a hurry, or too busy to give you his undivided attention; he’ll make you feel, despite being surrounded by the latest in modern dental equipment, as if you have stepped back in time, returning to a place where you the patient are more important than the money.

If you come on a sunny summer day, you’ll likely see his Indian motorcycle parked out front. Otherwise you’ll find his ’94 Dodge pickup behind the office, possibly loaded with supplies for the horse ranch he and his wife Barbara own and operate.

Dr. Peckham considers it a special privilege to treat patients from all across the Inland Northwest, not only locally in Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene and Spokane, but western Montana, eastern Washington, and all across north Idaho as well. Dr. Peckham attended dental school in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University – School of Dentistry in 1985. Since then he has continued to enhance his education with experts from around the globe, including extensive training at the world’s premiere dental continuing education school, The Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida. His special interest is in solving complex dental issues resulting in teeth that look beautiful, feel great, last a life time, and support your overall health as well. He was one of the first dentists to pioneer the use of operating microscopes for dental treatment, and continues to advance the art and science of dentistry as a researcher (he is the founder and president of the Masters Dental Research Foundation) and dental consultant.

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The focus of Dr. Peckham’s practice is on helping people with missing, hopeless, painful, or unattractive teeth regain the beauty, comfort, function, and lasting health they so desperately need. His Comprehensive and Wholistic approach ensures that his patient’s oral health goals are reached in the most predictable and economical way possible. From implants to dentures, and from cosmetic solutions like crowns to veneers, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Nationally recognized for his contributions to the art and science of dentistry and featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX, Dr. Peckham is the founder and director of the Masters Dental Research Foundation as well as the philanthropic Smile Miracles Project which provides sliding-fee-scale smile makeovers to wounded veterans, battered women, and other deserving individuals.

Some of our happy customers…

“I found the services professional, excellently done and not once did I feel I was being manipulated into a product or service I didn’t want. In my opinion, Dr. Peckham displays the balance of skill and artistry that an individual considering dentures wants to benefit from.”

Jim Walker

“I have upper and lower dentures. I tried using powders and pastes, all sorts of products. None of them worked very well. I asked Dr. Peckham for implants. WOW! How perfect is this!! No more paste or glue to taint my food. No “clacking” of the teeth as you chew or talk. It’s pretty close to the real thing! I highly recommend anyone with dentures to get the implants.”

Katherine Patrick

“The dentures Dr. Peckham made for me are wonderful. I can eat fresh fruits and vegetables with them that I could not eat with my very expensive prior dentures. My speech has improved with Dr. Peckham’s dentures and they don’t fall out when I talk and I don’t need to use adhesives to hold them in. Thank you”

Linda Entwisle

“Lon is a Master Dentist. Only a select few have taken the time and invested in themselves to offer the level of care and consideration he gives. He has a wonderful knowledge about comprehensive dentistry and the ability to deliver superior clinical care. He truly cares about the people he treats. I would not hesitate to have him work with me.”

Dr. Ron Davis

“He’s my HERO! My teeth were very bad – to the point that I didn’t want Dr. Peckham to even see them. Well, he worked his magic and now I have the perfect smile. He dramatically boosted my confidence and steered me in the right direction on what option was best for my teeth. He’s not just my dentist, he’s my hero!!!”

Amy Wollgast

“I had extensive work done [by Dr. Peckham] over the past year, and am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Peckham and his staff are professional and courteous. They definitely care about their patients. I would highly recommend [him] for all dental needs.”

Patrick DeRyan

About the Smile Miracles Network

The Smile Miracles Network is a nationwide affiliation of caring dentists devoted to making life changing and life saving comprehensive whole-health dental care available to some of those who need it most, in particular wounded veterans and battered women. Dr. Butler is pleased to be a local sponsor of this vital sliding-fee-scale program. To receive an application packet, call Dr. Butler’s office now.

Some of our happy customers…

“From the first time I met the Dentist and everyone in her office I found them all to be very pleasant, kind and caring. They all go above and beyond to make my dental apt’s an enjoyable experience every time. I used to be so nervous going to the dentist, but Dr Butler and her staff always put me at ease and make me feel very relaxed. I highly recommend Dr Butler and her entire staff. “

Leslie Waagan

My wife and I were very impressed with the friendliness and the thoroughness of everyone at Family Care Dental. The visit started with a lengthy interview with Dr. Butler on general health, dental history, goals, etc. The hygienist, Tana, then did X-rays, a complete cleaning with deep cleaning below the gum line on one quadrant, checks for any lumps or swellings, under tongue, etc., all smooth and painless. Followed by detailed exam by Dr. Butler. Excellent dental care in every way. We would not hesitate to recommend Family Care to anyone.

Jack W.

At least six of my friends were already going to this practice when I first came. They recommended it hardily, and I have been very pleased. They make me as comfortable as possible and explain the details well. I have since recommended it to my housemate, who is afraid of dentists. She says she appreciates that they understand her fear and treat her well.

Aganita V.

Your office is such a refreshing change from where I had been going. Everyone feels like an old friend and the level of professionalism exceeds expectations. I am very happy in every respect. Kelly and Kelly are Great!!

Herb D

I’ve always thought of dental visits as a necessary evil, since coming to Dr. Mins office and working with all the great staff, dr. Kelly and Kelly the hygienist and others, including the receptionists, I can honestly say that I enjoy my dental visits , I’m not afraid of any discomfort, because they truly work to make everything as pain-free as possible. I have confidence that they know what they’re doing and that the work they’re doing is of the highest quality. The office itself is beautiful and soothing. Each person there seems to have a philosophy of making each dental visit the best experience possible. I feel lucky to have found this great office.

Dawn Z.

I felt empowered when Dr. Butler listened to my concerns about carcinogenic fluoride, amalgam mercury fillings and other dental treatments regularly used by dentists.

Adam T.

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Call Us Today: (855) 553-7566

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