Another Heart Med Bites the Dust

Here we go again. One more reason to quit depending on drugs to correct major health issues.  Just this morning Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited expanded its existing recall of its Losartan blood pressure medication due to the cancer-causing potential of one of its ingredients.

Friends, managing your health with drugs is just not a safe way to go.  Inevitably using a pill to fix one problem just leads to more complications and issues.  Traditional modern medicine is great for temporary relief of acute emergency type situations.  But for real, and safe, health and longevity there is just no substitute for healthy lifestyle.  As Dr. Dean Ornish says – Eat Well, Move More, Stress Less, and Love More. The problem of course, is that everybody and his dog has an opinion on what that means.  And most of those opinions are just so much rubbish.

If you are struggling with (or are serious about avoiding) high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, weight control, breathing disorders like sleep apnea, or other related health concerns, please allow me to recommend the Complete Health Improvement Program – CHIP.  It is a complete healthy lifestyle coaching program that really works. It lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, and leads to sustainable weight loss as well as increased peace and happiness. And you don’t have to take my word for it. With a thirty-year track record and multiple independent research studies to prove it, you can be confident CHIP is the answer you have been looking for!

If you’d like to learn more and see the proof for yourself, check out the CHIP introduction webpage I’ve put together HERE.  Do it now before one of those pills does you in!

CAUTION: Discontinuing medication before your body is ready can lead to serious consequences.  Always consult your physician before discontinuing or reducing any prescribed medication.